About me

I'm an experienced procurement practitioner
I became professionally qualified in procurement in the 1990s
I was elected a Fellow of CIPS by my peers twenty years later
I have worked all over the World, from Miami to Manchester
From Melbourne to Manila

Some highlights include

  • I am a thought leader in procurement (according to my peers!)

  • I have led organisational change programs in procurement

  • I have co-written a book on negotiation

  • I created the category plan for trade services for rebuilding Christchurch after the earthquakes

  • I have coached procurement staff all over the World

  • I created the Corporate Award solution for CIPS

"But what sort of work do you do, Paul ?"
Some examples of recent assignments include

  • I delivered coaching in category management in Shanghai

  • I created a category strategy for utility's capital program

  • I coached a team of category managers in building a category strategy

  • I facilitated stakeholders in identifying training needs

  • I developed governance solutions in tender evaluation

Schh! I'm working on another book. But it is top secret, so keep it to yourself, right?

Paul Rogers