The Bedouin and the Wise Woman

A Bedouin died and left all of camels to his three sons.
The eldest son was to get half of his camels, the middle son was to get a third of his camels, and the youngest son was to get one-ninth of his camels.

The sons met to decide upon the allocation of the 17 camels the man owned at the time of his death.
Unfortunately, they could not agree who should get how many camels.

There was no easy answer to the question "what was one-half of 17, or one-third of 17, or one-ninth of 17 camels?"

Having reached an impasse, the sons approached a wise woman in their village. She thought about it for a while, and then said to the sons, "What I'm going to do is to give you my camel!”.
The sons were surprised and delighted with her generosity!

Now that they had 18 camels, the oldest son could get nine camels, the middle son could get six camels, and the youngest son got two camels. When the sons counted the camels, the total was 17 camels, leaving one camel spare.

"What should we do with the remaining camel?” said the sons.

“I know!", said one of them. “Let’s give it to the wise woman in the village!"
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